Wine Reviews

Many DiscoverVin wines have received reviews in the Australian media.

Reviews for currently available wines are listed here, and can be accessed via these links below. Information also appears on the individual wine web-page.


Achille Princier Grande Tradition NV

Ken Gargett Drinks Weekly November 2014 ken_gargett.pdf
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer November 2014 Achille_Princier_Grande_Tradition_Champagne_NV.pdf
White Wine
Chateau de la Bouyère Bordaux Blanc 2013

Sean Mitchell Grape Observer August 2014 bouyere_grape_observer_aug_14.pdf
Chateau Jolys Jurançon Sec 2010 (Jurançon)

Sean Mitchell Grape Observer April 2012 juranconsec_2010_sm_grape_observer_22_apr_12.pdf
Kerry Skinner Illawarra Mercury Sept 2012 kerryskinnerillawarramercury06sep12.pdf
Dave Brookes Vinofreakism March 2013 vinofreakism_2010_Ch_Jolys_Jurancon_sec_mar_2013.pdf
Chateau Jolys Jurancon sec 2011 (Jurancon)
Huon Hooke Best Import Sydney Morning Herald Good Living June 2013 June_13_huon_hooke.pdf
Moulin des Dames Bergerac Sec 2009 (Bergerac)
Grape Observer 6th October 2011 Grape Observer

Domaine Bellegarde La Pierre Blanche 2009 (Jurancon)
Andrea Frost May 2013 Melbourne Review
SBS Feast Magazine Dan Coward Wine of the Month July 2013 sbs_feast_magazine_july_2013.png
Chateau Haut-Peyrous 2010 (Graves)
Gary Walsh Winefront June 2013 winefront_june2013.pdf
Jesse Lewis Sealed with Wax haut_peyrous_2011_sealed_with_wax_jesse_lewis_june_2013.pdf
Sean Mitchell in the Grape Observer Grape_Observer_15th_July_2013.pdf
Grand Bateau Bordeaux Blanc 2012 (Graves)
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer Jan 6 2014 SEAN_MITCHELL_JAN_6_2014_GRAND_BATEAU_BORDEAUX.pdf


Chateau La Rayre Bergerec Rose 2009 (Bergerac)

Grape Observer 11th October 2011 grape_observer_11_october_2011.pdf
Domaine de la Croix (Provence)

Kerry Skinner Illawarra Mercury February 2012 illawarra_mercury_feb_2012.pdf
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer February 2012 sean_mitchell_domaine_de_la_croix_ros_2010.pdf
Jeni Port Age Epicure Feb 14th 2012 jeni_port_epicure_age_14_february_2012.pdf
Max Crus Daily Examiner March 17 2012. max_crus_domaine_de_la_croix_2010_march_2012.pdf

Red Wine

Domaine Crampilh Vielles Vignes 2006 (Madiran)
Gourmet Traveller Wine August 2011 crampilh_vv_gtwine_aug_2011.pdf
Illawarra Mercury 6th August 2011 illawarramercury6th_aug2011.pdf
Stuart Robinson 8th Jan 2013 The Vinsomniac
Domaine Crampilh Vieilles Vignes 2009 (Madiran)
Grape Observer February 2013 Grape_Observer_23_Feb_2013_vieilles_vignes_09.pdf
Ciao Magazine April 2013
Wine without BS wine_without_BS_crampilh_09_July_2013.pdf
Ch Lagrezette 2005 (Cahors, Malbec)
Gourmet Traveller July 2011 (French Edition) Lagrezette_2005_GT_review.jpg
Melbourne Review Melbourne_Weekly_Review_May_2001_wrote_about_Chateau_Lagrezette_Cru_dException_Malbec_2005.pdf
Illawarra Mercury 6th August 2011 illawarramercury6th_aug2011.pdf
Gary Walsh The Wine Front July 2014 ReviewGWChateau_Lagrezette_Cahors.pdf
Zette Rouge 2005 (Cahors, Malbec)
Winsor Dobbin in Grape Hunter zette_rouge_2005_Robbins_wine_Hunter.pdf
Stuart Robinson in The Vinsomniac
Chateau Lagarde 2009 (Saint Émilion)
Grape Observer 9th January 2012 lagarde_grape_observer.pdf
Sydney Telegraph Best Weekend 4th February 2012 the_daily_telegraph_smartedition.pdf
Dr Plonk Grape Hunter Reviews 5th June 2012 grape_hunter_reviews_5th_june_2012.pdf
Wine without BS July 2013 Wine_without_BS_Lagrade_09_July_13.pdf
Chateau Haut Vigneau 2009 (Pessac-Leognan)
Grape Observer 8th January 2012 haut_belian_2009_grape_observer_jan_2012.pdf
Winsor Dobbins The Grape Hunter chateau_haut_vigneau_2009_winsor_jan_2012.pdf
Chateau de la Fleur Poitou (Lussac St Émilion)
Winsor Dobbin Wine of the Week !st June 2012
Amiral de Beychevelle (Saint Julien)
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer Jan 2012 amiral_grape_observer_jan_2012.pdf
Tourelles de Longeville (Pauillac)
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer Feb 2012 sean_tourelles_2007_mitchell_grape_observer_feb_2012.pdf
Gary Walsh The Wine Front July 14 ReviewGWLes_Tourelles_de_Longueville_2008.pdf
Fleur De Clinet (Pomerol)
Dr Plonk Grape Hunter Reviews 5th June 2012 grape_hunter_reviews_dr_plonk_5th_june_2012.pdf
Chateau Lanessan (Haut-Medoc)
Dr Plonk Grape Hunter Reviews 5th June 2012 lanessan_2004_Grape_Hunter_Reviews_Dr_Plonk_5th_june_2012.pdf
Gary Walsh The Wine Front June 2014 ReviewGW_Chateau_Lannessan_2004.pdf
Chateau Haut-Monplasir (Cahors)

Dr Plonk Grape Hunter Reviews 5th June 2012 haut_monplasir_2006_Dr_Plonk_5th_June_2012_Grape_Hunter_Reviews.pdf
Moulin Pey Labrie (Canon-Fronsac)
Kerry Skinner Quench July 2012 quenchjuly12kerryskinner06.pdf
John Lewis Newcastle Herald August 2012 newcastle_herald.pdf
Gary Walsh the Winefront June 2013 winefront_gary_walsh_june_13.pdf
Chateau Haut Lariveau (Canon-Fronsac)
Gary Walsh Winefont June 2013 Chateau_Haut_Lariveau_2006.pdf
Vivens par Chateau Durfort-Vivens (Margaux)
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer October 2012 sean_mitchell_grape_observer.pdf
Gary Walsh The winefront October 2012 vivens_par_chateau_durfort.pdf
Chateau Tour Seran (Medoc)
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer Nov 2012 chateau_tour_seran_2007.pdf
Semeillan Mazeau 2005 (Listrac Médoc)
Ralph Kyte Powell The_Age_Epicure.pdf
Winsor Dobbin May 2013 Winsors Choice
Chris Shanahan Canberra Times July 2013 canberra_times_17_7_2013.pdf
Chateau Saint-Go, Saint Mont 2007 (Saint Mont)

Huon Hooke, Sydney Morning Herald Wine of the Week 4th October 2011 hh_review_st_go1.png
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer Feb 21, 2013 Grape_Observer_Feb_2013.pdf
Chateau Haut-Peyrous 2008 (Graves)
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer July 2013 Grape_Observer_July_1.pdf
Jesse Lewis Sealed With Wax July 2013 Jesse_Lewis_Sealed_With_Wax.pdf
Gary Walsh Winefront gary_walsh_winefront_July_3_2013.pdf
Regan Drew Vinonotebook October14 , 2013 regan_drew_vinonotebook_october_14.pdf
Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure l’Abbaye vintage 2009 (Bergerac)
David Sutherland Border Mail July 12, 2013 10005_09david_sutherland_complete.jpg
Chateau Bouissel “Le Bouisell” 2010 (Fronton)
Jesse Lewis Sealed with Wax Ocober 8, 2013 jesse_lewis_sealed_with_wax.pdf
Legende de la Tour Carnet 2004 (Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux)
Regan Drew Vinonotebook October 14, 2013 regan_drew_vinonotebook_tour_carnet_october_14.pdf
Chateau de Saurs Gaillac Rouge La Constance 2010
Sean Mitchell Grape Observer June 2014 ReviewSM_SaursThe_Grape_Observer.docx
Chateau Guillebot Plaisance 2011 Bordeaux
Sean Mitchel Grape Observer June 2014 ReviewSM_Plaisance_Grape_Observer.pdf

Dessert Wine

Producteurs Plaimont St Albert Pacherenc du Vic Bilh 2009 (Madiran)

Winsor Dobbin Wine of the Week Sept 2011
Huon Hooke Gourmet Traveller Wine April/May 2012 2009_saint_albert_gtw_april_may_2012.pd
Huon Hooke Hooked on Wine Best Import August 2013 Hooked_on_Wine_August_2013.pdf
Chateau Jolys Cuvée Jean 2009 (Jurançon)

Gourmet Traveller Wine August 2011 scaling_the_pyrenees_gtw_aug_11 jolys_cuvee_jean_GT-1.pdf
Huon Hooke 95 points January 2014
Domaine Bellegarde Cuvée Thibault 2009 (Jurançon)
Chemistry in Australia February 2014 jurancon_moelleux.pdf
Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure l’abbaye 2005 (Monbazillac)
Michael Broadbent Decanter June 2011 Michael_Broadbent_on_monbaz.pdf
Domaine Bellegarde Cuvee Tradition 2012 (Jurançon)
Jancis Robinson 17 points Dec 2014 CuveeTradition2012_Jancis_dec_14-2.pdf

Mixed Packs

Pyrenees Packs Wine (mixed)

Writer Ben Knight pyrennees_packs_ben_knight_of_benandwine_july_2011.pdf

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