Domaine Lupé-Cholet Pommard Clos Bizot 2014


A beautifully made, elegant Burgundy/Pinot Noir from a tiny premier cru plot in the village of Pommard.

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Pommard is a village in the Cote de Beaune sub-region of Burgundy famous for producing powerful and richly flavored red wines. They are made from Pinot Noir grapes. The Pommard appellation covers only red wines.

Pommard marks the start of serious red wine production in the Cote de Beaune. Further north, white wine is produced.
The name Pommard is a reference to Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit trees. She is commonly depicted with a pruning knife.

Pommard has a large number of Premier Cru vineyards in belt broken up by the houses of Pommard village itself. Wines produced in these vineyards (such as Clos Bizot) are entitled to claim the classification of Pommard Premier Cru.

The vineyard of Clos Bizot is located in the middle of the Pommard village. It is a tiny 0.32 ha (0.78 acres) parcel.

Previous vintages of this wine have won Decanter world wine awards. This newly relaeased vintage is very good.

Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir.

Soil: The soils are brown to red lime on hard limestone, on the lower slopes. The exposure is East, South/East.

Alcohol: 12.5 % VOL

Wine making:  The grapes are picked manually. The grapes go through the sorting table, to get rid of leaves, green bunches etc. 90% of the harvest is destemed so as to avoid excessive bitterness from the stalks. Fermentation with maceration then goes on for 15 to 20 days in conical vats equipped for thermoregulation. This allows control of fermentation temperatures and has direct influence on aromas and colour extraction. Finally, gentle pressing takes place. The wines are barrelled for 15  months, according to vintage, in oak casks, of which 30 to 50% are new.  Whilst the wine is maturing, it is regularly stirred up, putting the lees back into suspension, bringing more fatness and roundness. Racking takes place prior to bottling, with no fining, just light filtration, preserving the natural riches of the appellation.

Our Tasting notes: Ruby-red colour. Hints of mushrooms, sweet spices and a touch of leather and raspberry. Mouth-filling fruit and a fine length on the palate, it shows nicely balanced tannins and a somewhat licoracy finish.

Serving suggestions: It will accompany dishes in red wine sauces, even somewhat spicy, good cuts of red meat, poultry and strong cheeses. Serve at 17°C. (So no harm in popping it into the fridge for 30 minutes in summer to take the edge off any warmth)

Cellaring potential: Enjoy now or keep for 7 to 10 years.

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