August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Wine of the Week::

A couple of things we understand at DiscoverVin is that, one, we sometimes find websites a bit vast and daunting, and two, we  love a bargain!  So we have addressed these two issues by creating a “Wine of the Week”.  It’s a bit like a frock or a suit that you don’t think would suit, but give it a try and bingo …. you end up loving it!

Our discounts may not be huge, but given that our wines are very keenly priced to start, they are very good value!

Oz Clarke and Decanter Magazine feature “New Bordeaux”

The team at DiscoverVin was very excited to read the article by Oz Clarke in the recent Decanter Magazine, which validates our desire to bring some of theses exciting “New Bordeaux” wines to Australia. Many of the wines that he mentions in this article such as BlayeFronsacSt Emilion satellites and Castillons are available from DiscoverVin.

One of the things that has really impressed us about the Bordeaux region is that some great wines are being produced outside of the expensive Grand Cru Chateaux of the classification system established in 1855. There are many producers making “New Bordeaux” – old vineyards that are producing wines using new methods in the vineyard and in the winery. Many producers have gone to, or are converting to, organic practices. It is almost like a massive renewal going on and there is a determination to respond to the challenge of wines from the new world.
The August 2012 edition of Decanter Magazine features an article by Bordeaux expert Oz Clarke…..
“The veteran wine writer and broadcaster has spent months tasting ‘literally hundreds of wines from the places no smart folk go, from chateaux whose names wouldn’t raise a flicker of recognition…’ for his new book.
And he is ‘amazed and excited by their personality and flavour differences,’ he writes in this month’s Decanter magazine.

The conditions of this grand limestone plateau haven’t got worse, they just need people to make the best of them.’

Clarke makes the point that the Romans recognised many of these regions – like ‘the tumbling slopes of limestone clay’ of Blaye on the right bank of the Gironde opposite Haut-Medoc – as perfect for vines.
All over Bordeaux there are wines – ‘the Blayes and Bourgs, Fronsacs, Lalandes-de-Pomerol, Castillons and Francs…’ – that have immeasurably improved as knowledge of viticulture and viniculture has increased, and younger, university-educated generations have taken over.

His conclusion is that ‘there is a vibrancy, a vivacity in the new Bordeaux that guarantee not only its survival but its position of dominance.’ ”

Clarke visits satellites of St Emilion, like Lalande-de-Pomerol whose wines, he says ‘bear a strong similarity to good Pomerol’, and ‘rising star’ Castillon, whose limestone plateau is the ‘seamless’ extension of the same limestone that nourishes St Emilion’s vines.
‘The attractiveness… the allure of the wines today is completely unrecognisable from the thin, tart, mean-spirited flavours I was auto-ejecting a generation ago,’ he writes.
One of the wines that he mentions is Château D’Aiguilhe which is available from DiscoverVin.

Some other examples that we have at DiscoverVin are:
Chateau Fontblanche, 2009, $22 (Blaye-Cotes de Bordeaux)
Chateau Haut-Larriveau, 2006, $34.90 (Fronsac)
Chateau Moulin Pey-Labrie, 2006, $39.99 (Canon-Fronsac)
Chateau D’Aiguilhe, 2008, $72 (Castillons-Cotes de Bordeaux) (featured on the front cover of Decanter August 2012!)
Chateau La Fleur Poitou, 2010, $25 (Lussac St Emilion)
Chateau La Croix Bonneau, 2008, $35 (Montagne Saint Emilion)

DiscoverVin Upcoming Events:
Watch out for the Paris to Provence at Como House, Melbourne:
When: Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November 2012
Where: Sofitel Melbourne on Collins Street
More info: Visit the website Paris to Provence
How it was:
Bistro Vue Bordeaux Dinner:

DiscoverVin hosted a wonderful Bordeaux Wine Dinner in partnership with Bistro Vue in Melbourne on Tuesday 14 August. A selection of our Bordeaux wines were expertly matched to a divine menu prepared by the uber-professional but relaxed and skilled team at Bistro Vue.

Outcome: DiscoverVin and Bistro Vue are planning to make it an annual event. Read More
The Border Wine Room (Albury) Dinner:
DiscoverVin and the Border Wine room had 45 people for their Bordeaux inspired 5 course dinner.  The Border Wine Room staff joined in on the fun and donned berets and those who ventured out on this cold evening were not disappointed.  Food was trés Francais and served with well matched wines.
Outcome: We are sure this will not be the last of these such events.

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